Today in Tea Leaf Green History

Mystic Theatre

Petaluma, CA

September 23, 2010

Set 1
Zoom Zoom, Germinatin' Seed, Keeping the Faith, Let Us Go, Borrowed Time, Franz Hanzerbeak, No Blanket, Ride Together1, 7th Story1, Hanging from a Tree, Drink of Streams, Can You Guess It?, Incandescent Devil
Flippin' the Bird, Harvest Time, Been So Long
Taped By:

Show Notes:

1w/ Sean Leahy

. Co-bill, TLG closes. w/ Cochrane McMillan on percussion.


Philadelphia, PA

September 23, 2005

Set 1
Rapture, Incandescent Devil, 5000 Acres, Garden (Part III) (The), Dragonfly, My Bastard Brother, California, Baseball Song, Been So Long, Professor's Blues
Set 2
Garden (Part II) (The), I've Been Seeking, Tequila, I'm Waiting for the Man1, Moonshine, Planet of Green Love > Hits from the Bong2 > Planet of Green Love, If It Wasn't for the Money, Kali-Yuga, Hot Dog
Las Vegas
Taped By: Graham Munda

Show Notes:

1Velvet Underground cover
2Cypress Hill cover


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